Who Are We

Big White Mountain Community Development Association was established in 2016 due to the increasing numbers of people living at Big White Mountain year round. The Association consists of a membership who are all residents within the Big White Mountain community. Each member of the Association has an equal vote on all issues requiring a vote, and the members are represented by a Board of Directors who act upon agreed resolutions and represent the membership in discussions with external organisations.

The Board of Directors is appointed by the membership annually and currently consists of the following people:

  • President
    • TBD
  • Vice President
    • TBD
  • Secretary
    • TBD
  • Treasurer
    • TBD
  • Directors
    • Colin Burns
    • Mark Hillhouse
    • Joyce Ricioppo
    • John Mooney
    • Maddie Hodges
    • Rachelle Marcinkoski
    • Tamara Knight
    • Brad Copes
    • Larry Horne
    • Jason Smith

The Board also benefits from the services of our Community Development Officer as a non-voting member.